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IMG_1697Music Ministry

The Music Ministry provides the opportunity for the local body of Christ to worship the Lord through song. (Psalm 33:2, Psalm 150:4).  The people who serve in this ministry strive to provide Biblically sound lyrics, as well as appropriate musical accompaniment that is most suitable to edify the believer, and lead them to a worship for God. If you are interested in serving in this ministry on a rotation with others, you must be a member in good standing. Please contact Dave Rowan for more information.


13470Sound Ministry

The Sound Ministry serves the body by controlling lighting, sound and visual aids during the service and special events, as well as recording and distributing sermons via CD and on the PVBC website. They mix the sound and lighting so that those in attendance are able to hear and participate without distraction, in an environment that encourages worship. Members in good standing  who are interested in serving should contact Chris Aplet.



IMG_0209Fellowship Ministry

Throughout the year, the Fellowship Ministry plans luncheon’s after church to encourage fellowship among believers. True fellowship is encouraging, uplifting, and Christ exalting.  It knits the hearts of God’s people together, allowing them to bear each other’s burdens and build each other up to greater godliness.  True fellowship is hard to achieve if the church body is not a part of each other’s lives.  These quarterly luncheons range from soup luncheon’s in the winter, to BBQ’s in the summer.  If you would like to help with set up, clean up or food preparation, contact Julie Dick.


Meal Assistance Ministry

From time to time, members of the body are in need of meals for one reason or another.  This is an extreme blessing to those at a time of great need.  People who serve in the Meal Ministry, prepare and deliver meals, along with others, when the need arises.  



rodeoOutreach Ministry

Potter Valley Bible Church desires that God be glorified through the proclamation of His gospel and through works of mercy. There are several Outreach Ministry opportunities throughout the year, one example being the annual Memorial Day Rodeo. 




Prayer Chain Ministry

When requests become known, people on the Prayer Chain are made aware regardless of the time of day and are responsible to intercede, on behalf of others in need. You must be a church member in good standing to serve in this ministry. Contact Julie Dick to get involved and be on the prayer chain.


Children’s Ministries