Meet Alan & Lyn Bond

Jews for Jesus

alan bondAlan Bond, Chicago branch director and his wife, Lyn, have been with Jews for Jesus for over 35 years. They joined the Chicago team in the summer of 1997, following assignments in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas. Their children, Asher and Bethany, are back in California, the land of their births in San Francisco and Fresno, respectively.  Alan has a master’s degree in Missiology from Fuller School of World Mission.

As a Gentile, Alan enjoys conducting Jewish evangelism visits from his unique perspective. He also enjoys working with volunteers, who benefit from the spiritual exercise of sharing their faith. When not on the field visiting seekers or handing out tracts, Alan can usually be found poking around a soundboard, working at a printing or folding machine or perhaps even playing his guitar or bass with one of our ad hoc music groups, centered around a branch event or Bible study. On vacations, don’t bother looking, he might be in the woods or at a ball game.