Professor of Bible Exposition
B.S.  Montana State University
M.Div., The Master’s Seminary

Tony Arnds was raised on ranch in the Tehachapi Mountains of the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range.  His only desire was to “cowboy”.  Tony married his high school sweetheart, Tawny and together they had two sons, Jess and Joe. With his family in tow, Tony moved on to Montana to pursue a bachelor’s degree in animal science at Montana State University.  Always employed as a ranch hand throughout his education, Tony was the epitome of a wild cowboy.  The word “God” was seldom included in his vocabulary unless being used as a curse word.  In the winter of 1992 God changed Tony’s life.  Through various circumstances involving the ranch job he was working on, the Lord brought Tony and his family to a low point.  On a snowy winter day, while feeding cattle, Tony was listening to a Christian radio program, the preacher was J. Vernon McGee and he explained the way of salvation.  Tony, feeling heavily burdened, got down on his knees in the cab of the tractor and asked the Lord to forgive him and said, “I no longer want to live for me, but for you Lord.”  Not long after his conversion Tony began studies at Montana Bible College . Those four years included Bible College, a summer mission in southeast Idaho, and a year of pastoral internship at his home church.  During that time Tony and others sensed the call on Tony’s life to preach and teach the Word.  So, Tony, Tawny and their two sons stuffed their belongings (horses included) into a horse trailer and moved to southern California where Tony attended the Master’s Seminary. After four years Tony graduated with a master of divinity degree. His time there included teaching second grade Sunday school, pre-marital counseling, Sunday school curriculum, writing for Grace Community Church, and a term as a vice president of the seminary student body.  In 2002 Tony was called to pastor at Potter Valley Bible Church.  Upon moving to Potter Valley Tony and Tawny had their third son, Joshua.  Jess and Joe are both now married. If any one had told Tony his desire would be changed from herding cattle and training horses to shepherding sheep he would have thought they were crazy.  Now his passion is to glorify God in his life and to teach others the life changing truths of God’s Holy Word.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Rich Brazil resizedRICH BRAZIL, ELDER

Rich Brazil was raised Catholic in the small, Central Valley farming town of Newman, California.  In his latter years of high school he began to read the Bible out of a self-seeking motivation for “wisdom.”  As he read through Proverbs and Ecclesiastes he was fascinated by the beauty of Scripture, though “wisdom” eluded him as he could not understand what he read.  After high school graduation in 1980 he attended the University of California at Davis. In his first quarter there, while living in the dorms, he was confronted by two Christian young men going door to door with the Navigators ministry who asked if he was interested in studying the Bible.  He was, and in a study in his room with other guys from his floor, he was confronted for the first time with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Recognizing his great need as an unworthy sinner before a righteous, holy God, Rich threw himself into the arms of his Savior. God had given Rich the “wisdom” he had unwittingly pursued (Proverbs 9:10)!  In the next few months, through the prayers of his Bible study partners as well as witnessing opportunities at home, Rich was blessed by God to see both his parents and his two siblings come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!  After completing his undergraduate studies in Ag Science and Management, Rich was accepted into the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine where he met the love of his life, Erin.  The two graduated from vet school in 1988.  After graduation, Rich took a job as a large animal veterinarian in Potter Valley and began attending Potter Valley Bible Church. Erin and Rich were married in 1989 and have since been blessed with eight wonderful children—Keely, a graduate of the Master’s College, Michaela and John, current students at the Master’s College, high school students Anna and Joseph and homeschool students Grace, Ruth, and Abigail.  Rich began serving as a deacon at PVBC in 1993 and was recognized as an elder in 2005 (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).  He provides for his family by maintaining a large animal veterinary practice.  Rich continues to love to learn and teach the Bible and teaches in a home Bible study—currently teaching through the book of James, as well as the adult Sunday School class—currently teaching through the book of Revelation.  Rich also teaches the Youth Fellowship group as well as in the Children’s Church rotation and periodically preaches from the pulpit.  A SINNER SAVED BY GRACE!


Jon Ellis is a lifetime Potter Valley resident.  He is married to Terrie and they have three sons, Gabe, Alex and Zach.  He grew up on a dairy farm, raised by catholic parents and has three brothers and one sister.  His first experience at Potter Valley Bible Church was in 1967 when he attended a youth group called Sing and Search at Ray and Dorothy Van Beek’s house.  Dorothy played the piano, and they sang and had a Bible study.  Mert Haskell was the pastor at this time.  Jon attended CSU Chico and studied Business Administration.  After graduating in 1978, he returned to Potter Valley and started attending Potter Valley Bible Church with Pastor Phil Lewis and became a member in 1979.  Fast forward to 2005 and Potter Valley Bible had a new pastor, Tony Arnds.  One Sunday he heard a sermon titled “Do you profess Christ or do you possess Christ?”  It seemed as if Pastor Tony was speaking directly to Him, for Jon realized at that moment that he did not personally know God.  This brought on a search for the truth that is still going on. (Psalm 119:162).  The Lord drew Jon to Himself and has revealed Himself through answered prayer.  Jon surrendered his life in service to our Lord and was later baptized. “I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies and of all the truth that you have shown me.”  -Genesis 32:10


Hal Pauli was raised in Potter Valley and Ukiah. He currently lives in Potter Valley with his wife Mandy and their two children, Kaleb and Bryce. He works for his family as a vineyard manager.  Hal grew up attending a Lutheran Church with his grandparents, believing in God, but never understanding the Gospel. After high school Hal attended UC Davis where he earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering. While at college he began attending College Life, the college fellowship group of First Baptist Church, Davis. At first the idea of studying the Bible and genuine prayer seemed strange. His Bible study leader encouraged him that, ”he needed to read the Bible.” As he made his way through the New Testament, God began to open his eyes to believe and understand that God desires us to know Him personally through His Son Jesus Christ, through His death for our sins on the cross—not merely be religious. God pressed 2 Corinthians 5:15 onto his heart: “And He died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again.” This verse became even more impactful to Hal when, at the end of college, he had the opportunity to travel to West Africa and Central Asia on short term missions trips, where he saw firsthand that God is at work saving people from every tongue, tribe, and nation—and that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Hal feels strongly that wherever we are, God is calling us to be useful to Him in serving His church and being ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor. 5:20).