June 6th Drive-In Services

We are looking forward to welcoming you again to our Potter Valley Bible worship service!  May we once again have a
rich and blessed time of worship together in song, in prayer and in the word.
In accordance with the State of California, and County of Mendocino regulations, we are happy to offer Drive-In services at this time.  We anticipate being able to offer some version of in-person services in the near future, although there is much work we need to do before we can open up safely in that way.  
NEW VENUE: We are switching to a new venue this Sunday at the old rodeo grounds on the Freeman property.  Our June 7th, 2020 Sunday worship service will be at 10am.  You can invite others and feel free to share the event with others on social media. 
**Please make sure you read through the entire Drive-in Service guidelines before attending our service.  Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message us. 
Our prayer and hope continues to be that the watching world would be there with us and that we, as the body of Christ would shine forth reflecting His glory.  That they would see our testimony of His grace and that those against us would have nothing evil to say. 
We hope you continue to be blessed by God’s good grace during this time, and we hope to see your face (through a car windshield) at an upcoming Drive-In service.
Visit us online @ www.pottervalleybible.org/covid-19-services for complete details.