June 11th Drive-In Service Reminder

Dear Saints of Potter Valley;

It has been wonderful these last few weeks to see you all, if only through a car window, as we gather to worship. We all miss the fellowship of the Saints and we are hopeful this season of trial passes soon. We will continue to pray along these lines.
I am looking forward to being with you this Lord’s day, but as we prepare for that day we need to remember some of the requirements that are in place for this to happen. While at the worship service we need to:
  1. Stay in our cars unless needing the restroom or part of the 12 responsible for the service (and if out of your car remember to social distance and to wear your facial covering).
  2.  Exit the rodeo grounds when the service is over. As much as we long to linger and visit with others we, at this time need to exit.

Our worship service is our public expression of love and honor of Christ and is a testimony to the community around us. The very fact that we are willing to do so much in order to meet is a testimony of our love of God and desire to please Him. So let us do our prayerful best to abide by these requirements.

“Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” Col. 3:17
Your servant, pastor Tony