Covid19 – March 15th Cancellation of Church Services & Ministries

To the Saints of PVBC;

As you are well aware, the ‘coronavirus’ has brought about a great disruption to our daily lives. Strange times indeed but not to be feared. Our sovereign Lord continues to rule and it is He who controls these things. We will continue to trust Him.

We have a great opportunity to honor God during this trial. Let us not be overcome by fear and anxiety nor let us be cavalier and indifferent. But let us show our community the greatness of Christ by fearless trust and sacrificial love for others. Let us commit ourselves to praying for our neighbors and government officials.

Christians are called to be model citizens of their country (Ro 13). So we desire to honor our God by submitting to them. It is with that mindset that we take the actions we do. Based on the Mendocino County Health and Human Services directions, we, like so many others, as a preventative measure, have decided to postpone the services at PVBC for the next 2 weeks. All scheduled meetings/ministries are postponed for the next 2 weeks. Church services of 3/15; 3/22 and the Bible studies of 3/17,18 and 19 and 3/24,25,26 are postponed.
Though there are no known cases in Mendo we are attempting to curb any future outbreak. We will be constantly evaluating our situation and praying that our decisions honor God.

As ‘shut-ins’, let us make the most of our time by spending time in the word and prayer. Spend time writing, journaling and singing hymns. Let us be prepared to speak of the reason of the hope within us (1Pt3:15).

Beloved, God has us here for such a time as this. Let us be strong and courageous for His fame and their salvation.

Pastor Tony

(We will not meet together but here is a link to John MacArthur ‘’)