Indoor Services During COVID

Starting November 1st, Potter Valley Bible Church will be hosting Worship Service Indoors in accordance with the updated County Health Order.

  • Services will be at 10 AM on church premises.
  • Attendants will greet you at the door to guide you in this new arrangement.
  • In accordance with the Health Order, please wear a face covering at all times while we are indoors.
  • Families must remain together in their respective seating areas. (As of now there are no children’s ministries available.)
  • We will maintain an FM radio broadcast in the parking lot for those who wish to worship from their vehicles.
  • We will maintain a streaming broadcast for those who wish to worship from home.
  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well.
During this time, and for the foreseeable future, state/local regulations prohibit any sort of children’s ministries and children must remain with their family units during drive-in services (as well as potential future outdoor or indoor services).  As such, we hope the following resources will help engage your children in the weekly Sunday service.
Sermon Notes for Kids
Sermon Notes for Teens

11/1/2020 Indoor Services

Dear PVBC, 
This Lord’s day we will be holding worship service indoors in accordance with the newly updated county orders. Remember:
  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well
  • Families must remain together in their respective seating areas. As of now there are no children’s ministries available.
  • Face coverings are required while we are indoors.
  • For those who are not comfortable with the indoor service , we will continue to stream via Facebook as well as broadcast via our FM radio in the parking lot.
  • Attendants will greet you at the door to guide you in this new arrangement.

Please remember that our service begins at 10 am and we turn back our clocks one hour this Saturday evening.

Thank you for your continued patience as we all try to navigate through these interesting waters for the glory of God. Pray that we all gather with humble grateful hearts seeking to worship Christ. All praise to Him!

Pastor Tony

6/21/2020 Services

Dear Saints of PVBC,

This week we have made progress in having an in person outdoor worship service. We are joyful that while there are still restrictions we will have the opportunity to be outside of our vehicles and (while maintaining the required six-feet of social distance) we will be able to see each other and fellowship from a distance. We are still maintaining a drive in type of service and posting sermons on the website as well, for those who are more susceptible or not as comfortable attending in person.


June 11th Drive-In Service Reminder

Dear Saints of Potter Valley;

It has been wonderful these last few weeks to see you all, if only through a car window, as we gather to worship. We all miss the fellowship of the Saints and we are hopeful this season of trial passes soon. We will continue to pray along these lines.
I am looking forward to being with you this Lord’s day, but as we prepare for that day we need to remember some of the requirements that are in place for this to happen. While at the worship service we need to:
  1. Stay in our cars unless needing the restroom or part of the 12 responsible for the service (and if out of your car remember to social distance and to wear your facial covering).
  2.  Exit the rodeo grounds when the service is over. As much as we long to linger and visit with others we, at this time need to exit.


June 6th Drive-In Services

We are looking forward to welcoming you again to our Potter Valley Bible worship service!  May we once again have a
rich and blessed time of worship together in song, in prayer and in the word.
In accordance with the State of California, and County of Mendocino regulations, we are happy to offer Drive-In services at this time.  We anticipate being able to offer some version of in-person services in the near future, although there is much work we need to do before we can open up safely in that way.  


Covid19 – March 15th Cancellation of Church Services & Ministries

To the Saints of PVBC;

As you are well aware, the ‘coronavirus’ has brought about a great disruption to our daily lives. Strange times indeed but not to be feared. Our sovereign Lord continues to rule and it is He who controls these things. We will continue to trust Him.

We have a great opportunity to honor God during this trial. Let us not be overcome by fear and anxiety nor let us be cavalier and indifferent. But let us show our community the greatness of Christ by fearless trust and sacrificial love for others. Let us commit ourselves to praying for our neighbors and government officials.