Section 1. Corporate Members

The Corporation shall have no members. Any action which would otherwise require approval by a majority of all members shall only require approval of the Board of Elders. All rights that would otherwise vest in the members shall vest in the Board of Elders.


Section 2. Members of the Fellowship

Nothing contained in Section 1 of this Article shall be construed to limit the right of the Corporation to refer to persons associated with the Corporation as ?members? even though such persons are not corporate members, and no such reference in or outside of these Bylaws shall constitute anyone being a member, within the meaning of Section 5056 of the California Nonprofit Corporation Law. The Corporation may confer by amendment of its Articles or of these Bylaws some or all of the rights of a member, as set forth in the California Nonprofit Corporation Law, upon any person or persons who do not have the right to vote for the election of officers or on a disposition of substantially all of the assets of the Corporation or on a merger or on a dissolution or on changes to the Corporation’s Articles or Bylaws, but no such person shall be a member within the meaning of said Section 5056.